Selasa, 15 Mei 2012


The newly hired homeroom teacher, Genkoku, at Seishou Academy discovers that the female middle school students all have excellent marksmanship skills... and happen to be anthropomorphised international assault rifles:

There is short-tempered Funko (FNC, manufactured in Belgium's Fabrique Nationale), the proud, accurate Shigu (SIG SG550, Switzerlands's SIG company), the pitiful Eru (L85A1, UK's Royal Small Arms Factory), and the foul-mouthed, but caring Ichiroku (M16A4, American company, Colt) and Funko's best friend.

Reading various quite ominous signs in the academy's hallways: "Keep chamber empty in the school building", "Do not fire in the hallway", and "Keep your safety on at all times!" Genkoku is starting to wonder, what he is getting himself into.

— written by foo2 (

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